My name is Alain! I live in Montreal, Canada and I am a student at Dawson College.


My family consists of six individuals.There's me, my mom and dad and my three siblings. I am the eldest among my siblings, which means I am the boss of all of them. I also have a pet dog and used to have a goldfish, when I was little, but I overfed him and he died.

Here we have a picture of me and my grandmother, while she was in the hospital. This picture was taken in the summer of 2017.This moment was taken a few days, after her surgery. She had to udergo surgery, because my grand-mother had hard tome breathing. For thisreason, the doctors have decided to cut a hole into her throat in order for her to breath better. I wanted to share this picture, because I am beyond grateful to have known my grand-mother. There are some people I know, that have not even met or seen their grand-mother, because they past away before they were even born or even died when they were still young. I wanted to address those who are reading this to hold on to their loved ones and send them your love, because with everything that is going on in the world, is really atrocious. Show your loved ones that you care about them now, while they are still alive. Don't come crying to their grave, when they are dead. This is the message i'm trying to send, through the picture of me and my grand-mother smiling , after her surgery.


When I was little, I was scared of dogs. I would always portray dogs as scary and violent, because I would watch cartoons with dogs being aggressive and showing thei sharp theeth. As I grew older, I was not scared of dogs anymore, because I faced my fear of dogs, by eventually owning one. To this day, I own a pet dog, named "Odie".

Here we have a picture of my dog, named "Odie".I had this troublemaker for over 4 years now. He can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but he's my best-friend and love him. He is a shih tzu. He is personally my stress reliever. Every time I come home from school or work, he would always be excited to see me and try to lick my ashy and oily face. That’s when you know you have a keeper. I wanted to share this picture, because even though life is hard and can be though sometimes. Theirs is always something that will cheer you up, no matter the circumstances. In this case, my ray of light is my dog, Odie.


My hobbies consists of sleeping, watching tv and working out in the gym. You could say that my hobbies are relatively'balanced', because I like to sleep and at the same time I like to work out, which have a direct correlation. For instance, you tend to be tired after you work out and therfore sleep.

photo of me as a baby

Here we have a picture of me as a baby. I think this picture was taken after I was born. I wanted to share this picture, because I was simply cute is this picture. If you were to see me now in person, you would wonder what happened. I was a cute kid growing up and now,I’m getting fat and uglier by the second.

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