Night Road

Night Road

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(i)The image ressembles someone driving in a car, at night, trying to reach its destination.

(ii)This image reminds me of my current life situation. It depicts the path where i'm going in life and that I am still clueless to where I am heading to find my destination.

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Aloha Beach

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(i)The image is a picture of Aloha Beach. It is a beach I would like to visit one day.

(ii)I found that the colors in this image are very vibrant and bright. The beautiful colors in this image caught my attention.

(iii)The image uses JPG graphic formatting.

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Will Smith

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(i)The image is about one of my childhood heroes and idol: Will Smith.

(ii)Will Smith has always been a childhood hero of mine and his portrayal of himself in the sitcom: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air always made me laugh.

(iii)The image uses PNG graphic formatting.

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